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In this "Learn Before You Buy" section, we'll address some of the most commonly asked questions along with some general information that helps explain different aspects of ordering a formal wedding or portrait album. With this being an investment that will last many years, you want to get it right so you can enjoy it forever.

#1 Top Question: What is a side and page?
#1 Super-thorough answer: Okay... well, you asked for it, so here it goes. A side and page are the same thing. Why do we use the term "side" in our ordering process? The reason is because so many people don't know what a "page" actually is so if we use that term in the ordering process some customers are going to receive an album that is VERY different than what they thought they ordered and that's one expensive mistake they would have made. Let's take a regular book or magazine as our example. If you look at the sides of the paper, Page 1 is on the front side of the paper and Page 2 is on the back side of the paper. The paper itself is NOT a "page", but so many people mistakenly call it a "page" that they think a page has two sides which is completely false. The paper itself is called a "leaf" by definition (check Webster for "page" and "leaf"). So, as you see, a side and page are exactly the same thing, and a page does NOT have two sides like many people mistakenly think.

Final word: When you go to order your album, you'll use the number of sides to determine the size of your album. Each side requires one mat, so your number of sides should equal the number of mats (unless you're ordering extra mats). Now, how many of those do you need (for a new album - not a replacement cover)? Proceed to our # 2 Top Question below. For replacement covers, you'll simply enter the number of sides you need to hold your mats (sides = mats).



#2 Top Question: How many sides/mats do I need for my new album (not replacement cover)?
#2 Long Drawn-Out Answer: Okay... whew... let's go at it this way (which is long, but thorough). The quick answer is "We don't know". Here's why. Say, for example you have 4 4"x5" prints. We don't know if they're horizontal, verticals, or mixed... and if they are mixed, we don't know how many of each you have or what order you want them in. Let's take a look at why the answers can be so different.

Option 1
(1 mat)

Option 2
(2 mats)
Option 3
(3 mats)
Option 4
(4 mats)

As you can see, all these options are for 4 4x5s and the answers to how many sides/mats you need is anywhere from 1 to 4. Now, just think how much that changes when you don't have only 4 prints, but 80-150 which is more typical of the average album. It's nearly impossible to answer the question of "how many" until you actually do the layout for the album first (which we recommend). How you find out how many pages/mats you need is by completing your entire layout on paper before you order anything. This is the most assured way to get exactly what you. There are some exceptions such as if someone has 40 8x10s. Because only 1 8x10 will fit per page, that answer is easy, but that's a rare case. Usually, there is a mixture of sizes, so we recommend using our mats online to make up a "mock layout" on paper which allows you to build a summary of the components you need to purchase.






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